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Environment Vocabulary List & Definitions


endangered species

A specific species that is at risk for extinction due to natural and human forces.
evolution The idea that all things living developed from very few simple life forms through several physical changes.
extinct When something is completely gone and doesn't return.
greenhouse effect The retention of radiation from the sun into the earth's atmosphere that creates a rise in the temperature of the earth's surface.
habitat A specific dwelling place where an animal lives.
insecticide Something that eliminates insects.
atmosphere The specific gas that surrounds the earth.
ozone A type of oxygen that is produced by electricity and is in the air, mostly after a thunderstorm.
poacher A person who trespasses, usually to hunt or fish illegally.
pollution The process or act of defiling.
smog The combination of smoke and fog in the air.
biosphere The area that surrounds the earth that may support life.
conservation The act of preserving; to keep from being used up or lost.

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