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Bank On It! Worksheet


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coral      the      Department      first      when      Dr.      areas      time.      Reefs      an      Research      when      recover,      in      to           


____________ damaged as a result of global warming in one of the world's most exclusive diving ____________ will take at least a century ____________ ____________ new research has revealed. Huge swathes of the coral at Rangiroa island ____________ French Polynesia died during three months of exceptionally warm weather in 1998, ____________ sea temperatures soared to ____________ average of 32 degrees centigrade for ____________ ____________ ____________ Rangiroa is an atoll, a coral island formed by rings of ____________ reef surrounding a central lagoon. ____________ by Newcastle University's ____________ of Marine Sciences has shown damage to the 800 year old coral reefs was catastrophic, and that it would take more than 100 years to return to their former state. ____________ Peter Mumby, Royal Society Research Fellow at the University said, "Usually ____________ sea temperatures rise, the coral usually withers slightly but is able to recover.


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