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Bank On It! Worksheet

Compounds and Elements

Work Bank

be      one      Iron      at      heart      has      shockwave      heavier      heavier      the      stable      our      Without      then      but      into      Atoms,      as      Nuclear      Stars      such      all      Elements      a             


Now that the Universe had ____________ ____________ mainly in the form of Hydrogen, which even today still represents 90% of all Energy/Mass/Matter we see, Energy/Mass/Matter could start to clump together to form Stars. ____________ ____________ there would be no abundance of all the Elements we have in ____________ Periodic Table because it is in the burning ____________ of Stars where Radioactive Fusion reactions occur which create all the familiar Atoms such ____________ Oxygen, Chromium, Bromine, Zirconium, Samarium and Selenium. However Stars have to ____________ more massive than our Sun to create the ____________ ____________ as only inside their cores can the temperature and pressure get so high as to cause ____________ Fusion of the lighter Elements. The story doesn't stop there, because once a highly massive Star ____________ turned ____________ its fuel ____________ ____________ it begins to contract and loses energy ____________ a prodigious rate ____________ there is still ____________ final twist in this tale. If other matter crashes into ____________ Iron core the result is ____________ cataclysmic explosion called a SuperNova. This scatters all the Elements which the Star had accumulated and also as the temperature and pressure, again, is higher than ever before in the Star's life, yet more ____________ Elements are created in the tremendous ____________ of the SuperNova. Even unstable Radioactive Elements ____________ as Uranium, Polonium and Francium can be made and are ____________ thrown out into the depths of Space by the continuing explosion.


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