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Bank On It! Worksheet


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She      on      is      you      eager      Sunny      Hare.      folks      Old      South      he      swamps      the    lesson. 


At sun-up ____________ next morning Peter Rabbit and Jumper the Hare were ____________ hand promptly for their next ____________ ____________ Mother Nature smiled as she saw the ____________ curiosity shining in their eyes. ____________ didn't wait for them to ask questions. "Yesterday," said she, "I told ____________ about your water-loving cousin, the Marsh Rabbit. You have another relative down there in the ____________ ____________ who ____________ almost as fond of the water. Some ____________ call him the Swamp Rabbit. Others call him the Swamp ____________ The latter is really the best name for him, because ____________ is a true Hare. He lives in ____________ instead of marshes, but he is a splendid swimmer and fond of the water. When he is chased by an enemy he makes for the nearest point or stream."


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