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By Linda Owens

There are many resources for information we need everyday. The newspaper gives the most current daily news such as current events, sports information, and daily weather. The encyclopedia has information on many general topics and people in history. The dictionary will give correct spellings of words, their meanings and how to pronounce a word. The library card catalog will give you the names of authors, titles of books available and a listing of books available in the library. Read each of the following. Choose the best resource for the information needed.

  1. Joleesa needs to know what the weather is like in Los Angeles, California today. What resource should she use?______________
  2. Andrew has report due on American inventors. What resource should he use?_____________________________
  3. Elizabeth needs to find the meaning of the word " bewildered". What resource should she use?___________________________
  4. Cameron loves to follow the Atlanta Braves. He wants to know the score for the game last night. What resource should he use? _______________________
  5. Leslie loves to read books by Judy Blume. What resource should she use to find books written by the author? ________________________
  6. Thomas' family is buying a new bulldog puppy. He needs information on bulldogs. What resource should he use? _____________________
  7. Christopher needs to find out how to pronounce a word. What resource should he use? ____________________
  8. Kristina wants to find out about information about the earthquake in Washington this morning. What resource should she use? __________________

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