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You have a report to write on basketball. This is part of the index in the back of the reference book in the library. Use the index below to help you answer the questions.


  • Basketball quiz 211-223
  • College Teams 172-182
  • Equipment 98-112
  • Famous Players of the NBA 309-345
  • History 1-26
  • Rules of the Game 27-39
  • Teams in Europe 114-171
  • Teams in the US 184-208
  • Women Players 224-266



1. What is the author's purpose of this writing?

a. inform b. persuade
c. entertain d. none of these


2. What information can you find on pages 27-39?

a. Teams in Europe b. Teams in the US
c. Rules of the Game d. Equipment


3. What pages will you most likely find information about Michael Jordan?

a. 224-266 b. 309-345
c. 98-112 d. none of these


4. The History of Basketball can be found on pages ______.

a. 224-266 b. 98-112
c. 172-182 d. 1-26


5. What pages will give you information about basketball teams in Europe?

a. 211-223 b. 114-171
c. 184-208 d. none of these


6. What pages will give you a basketball quiz to take?

a. 172-182 b. 309-345
c. 211-223 d. none of these


7. If you need information on the equipment needed in the game of basketball, you will find that information on pages ______.

a. 211-223 b. 98-112
c. 98-112 d. none of these


8. What information can be found on pages 184-208?

a. Teams in Europe b. Rules of the Game
c. Teams in the US d. none of these

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