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Winter Vocabulary Quiz Worksheet

Directions: Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

1. flurry the act of liquid becoming solid as the result of a drop in temperature
2. icicle a covering for the hand for when the temperature gets cold, made of cloth or other durable material
3. plow a sudden barrage of snowfall, typically short but intense
4. frost cold, snowy, windy weather similar to that found in the extreme north and other bitterly cold areas
5. freeze the sudden release of snow and ice from a mountain, forming a thunderous freefall
6. precipitation using a steel attachment to push large amounts of snow for safe travels on roadways
7. sled an act that results after the temperature has dropped just below freezing
8. glove a cone of ice that forms when dripping water is frozen
9. scarf a small piece of matter, usually snow
10. avalanche a small object that travels on steel runners for transport over ice and snow
11. flake when snow builds up high after wind blows it around
12. slush a cloth or other piece of fabric worn around the neck to protect from cold elements
13. ice solid water, formed when water is exposed to temperatures below 32 degrees
14. arctic a weather term to describe moisture as it falls from the clouds
15. drift digging into material as to remove it from its current location
16. squall the wintery combination of water, snow, and mud that results from temperatures hovering right above freezing
17. shovel a weather term that describes the warming of the temperature followed by the subsequent melting of snow and ice
18. thaw a quick fury of wind that is followed by intense snowfall

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