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Winter Olympics Vocabulary

culture The arts and other manifestations of intellectual achievement that is regarded collectively
curling A game played on ice in which a round flat stone is slid across the ice toward a mark
defeat Win a victory over others in a contest or battle
amateur A person who engages in a pursuit, but is not paid to do so
flag A piece of cloth or similar material that is often square or oblong and attached at one edge to a pole that is used to represent a country or organization
anthem A rousing or uplifting song that is representative of a particular group
bronze medal The color and type of medal given when someone places third at the Olympic level
silver medal The color and type of medal given when someone places second at the Olympic level
gold medal The color and type of medal given when an event is won at the Olympic level
qualify To be allowed to compete in an event because of past performances
sportsmanship Fairness in following the rules of the game
tradition Customs that happen each year or at certain times in the same way each time
victory To win over other teams that are competing
competitor A person competing in a particular contest or event


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