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Bank On It! Worksheet

Winter Olympics

Work Bank

lifts      by      sun,      is      the      on      Crypt      carried      carried      girls      those      the      the      to          

The Olympic Flame ____________ lit during a ceremony ____________ out by women dressed in tunics resembling ____________ worn by the Greeks in antiquity. It is the rays of ____________ ____________ reflected by a parabolic mirror, which ignite and give birth ____________ the "fire from the sky".

The High Priestess is the first to receive the Olympic Fire. In a triumphant gesture the Priestess ____________ the first flames to the skies. The flame is then placed in a cauldron and ____________ in ____________ midst of a solemn procession towards ____________ stadium, passing through the ____________ Door. The procession then continues ____________ foot to the stadium, with two adolescents at its head, each carrying symbolic olive branches. The procession is followed ____________ two ____________ playing flutes who give rhythm to the spectacle.

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