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Spring Vocabulary Quiz Worksheet

Directions: Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

1. umbrella a plant that blooms in springtime, marked with bright yellow petals
2.  baseball the process of buds opening on a flower to reveal colorful petals
3.  tulip an object made of thin material that flies with the use of a string and wind
4.  kite a colorful plant that grows out of the ground with a long green stem
5. bird a plant species that is easily recognized by its enhanced bell-shaped flowers
6. grass a sport played between two 9-player teams involving bats, balls, and bases
7.  shower a small portable cover that provides protection from the sun or the rain
8.  flower an arc of colors that appears due to the correlation of raindrops and the sun's backdrop
9. bee an oval cell produced by female organisms as a reproductive means
10.  rabbit a heavy downfall of rain or snow; often brief but very intense
11. frog a tailless amphibian familiarized by webbed feet and a bulbous throat
12.  daffodil An insect that characteristically has yellow and brownish/black stripes. These insects are an ecosystems main transport vehicle for pollinating flowers.
13.  rainbow a mammal that is familiarized by soft fur, large, ears, and muscular hind legs used for jumping
14.  egg an antennae insect characterized with a thin body and large colorful wings
15. bloom a small pool of water that settles on the ground after rainfall
16.  puddles green stems of the plant family that grows during warm weather months
17.  butterfly a flying vertebrate characterized by wings, feathers, beak and the ability to lay eggs

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