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Spring Crossword Puzzle Worksheet

1                                      2                             3                       
             4                                  5                                       
                                      2                                                 6  



1. an antennae insect characterized with a thin body and large colorful wings
2. green stems of the plant family that grows during warm weather months
3. a flying vertebrate characterized by wings, feathers, beak and the ability to lay eggs
4. the process of buds opening on a flower to reveal colorful petals
5. an oval cell produced by female organisms as a reproductive means
6. an arc of colors that appears due to the correlation of raindrops and the sun's backdrop
7. a plant species that is easily recognized by its enhanced bell-shaped flowers
8. a small pool of water that settles on the ground after rainfall
9. a small portable cover that provides protection from the sun or the rain




1. a sport played between two 9-player teams involving bats, balls, and bases
2. a tailless amphibian familiarized by webbed feet and a bulbous throat
3. An insect that characteristically has yellow and brownish/black stripes. These insects are an ecosystems main transport vehicle for pollinating flowers.
4. a colorful plant that grows out of the ground with a long green stem
5. a plant that blooms in springtime, marked with bright yellow petals
6. a mammal that is familiarized by soft fur, large, ears, and muscular hind legs used for jumping
7. a heavy downfall of rain or snow; often brief but very intense
8. an object made of thin material that flies with the use of a string and wind

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