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Mother's Day Vocabulary Words

adore to be really thoughtful and like something
birth when a mother brings a baby into the world
caring the characteristic of minding after an object and keeping a watchful eye
communicate the process of interacting with others via voice or written contact
daughter the female offspring in relation to a mother and father
decorate to increase the appearance of something with artificial objects
dedicated to be fully invested in a certain premise with a sole focus
family a group of people related either by blood or informally through close interaction
help to offer one's services as a way to relieve a burden from another
love to have a close intimitate relationship with an object
nurture the process of raising offspring via education and support
proud the feeling of elation over one's own accomplishment or that of others
special something that is set apart from the ordinary; characteristically sticks out
son the male offspring reared from a mother and father
travel a process of venturing from one's home location to other spots

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