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Bank On It! Worksheet


Work Bank

Sal      hard      up      the      neatly      made      in      white      ghosts      which      far      a      the      Sports      as      strings.      a      lights,      and      his      mat      open      Next,      and      the      the      the      Halloween      were      artwork      one      and      small      Sal      While      purred      over.      coated      "But      "Worms,"      the      said      the      eyes      up      out      back          

First one step...then another. Slowly...cautiously...Sal crept down the steps into ____________ dark basement. He blinked his ____________ as the bright orange jack-o-lantern lights flickered on and off.

"Happy Halloween" ____________ friends yelled.

"Welcome to our ____________ party," ____________ his best friend Jill, who was dressed ____________ ____________ a(n) Ape.

Jill's family thought it would be fun to celebrate Halloween with ____________ party. And all the friends and neighbors ____________ there.

After Sal's eyes adjusted to the festive ____________ he looked around at the Halloween decorations.

Little ____________ ghosts swayed eerily from the ceiling.

Glittery silver moons sparkled in the darkness.

And a fat black cat ____________ contentedly in the corner.

"Come join ____________ fun!" said Jill ____________ a(n) Clown kind-of-voice.

____________ adjusted his Clown costume ____________ walked over to a large kettle on ____________ floor.

"Close your eyes," Jill said. "And put your hands in the witch's cauldron."

Sal lowered his hands into ____________ pot. Cold, wet, noodles slid through his fingers.

____________ one friend joked. "For ____________ witch's feast!"

Sal giggled. He recognized the feel of ____________ moist spaghetti right away.

Soon it was Halloween snack time, ____________ Jill's mother invited the children to eat powder doughnuts, ____________ were suspended, from the ceiling with long ____________ The party-goers reached for the tasty treats with ____________ mouths. The doughnuts swayed, and the children wound ____________ with powder all over their faces!

"This is ____________ to do" announced ____________ little pirate.

____________ it's fun," Sal added, his lips ____________ with powder.

____________ the children sponge-printed Halloween placemats. Sal carefully dipped a ____________ sponge -- shaped like a pumpkin -- into a pan of orange paint. He ____________ pressed the sponge onto his black construction paper. Sponges shaped like cats and witches' hats and skeletons ____________ wonderful Halloween decorations on the placemats.

____________ their ____________ dried, one of the grown-ups told ____________ children a spooky tale. At one time, the story might have frightened Sal. But ____________ ____________ ghouls and goblins are make-believe Halloween stories, and Sal wasn't afraid at all!

By the party's end, ____________ placemats were dry enough to use. Sal looked admiringly at his own sponge-printed ____________ as he sipped hot apple cider and nibbled on the best chocolate brownies.

Jill's mother clicked snapshots of the costumed children. ____________ stars and gypsies and cowboys and clowns smiled brightly for the camera.

Sal started to yawn, and he was secretly pleased that the party was ____________.

"Goodbye!" the friends shouted to Sal, who was standing in the doorway. He could see neighbors turning off their porch lights, signaling the end of trick-or-treat. A cat, ____________ off in the distance, let ____________ a big meow.

"Happy Halloween!" ____________ said, with all the energy he had left. And the sleepy boy walked ____________ home, to his house across the street.

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