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End of School Vocabulary

Words Definitions
1. academic relating to schooling.
2. assessment to measure or evaluate an individuals achievement.
3. assembly a number of persons who have gathered together.
4. culmination to come to completion.
5. college an institution of higher learning.
6. commencement the act of bringing to a close.
7. differentiate to change or alter.
8. examination the process of testing students.
9. graduation the ceremony of conferring degrees or diplomas.
10. memento an object that serves as a reminder of a past event.
11. matriculate to enroll in a college or university as a candidate for a degree.
12. obligation something by which a person is bound to do specific things.
13. salutatorian the title given to the second highest ranking student of an entire class body.
14. tassel a decorative symbolic rope worn on a cap.
15. valedictorian the title given to highest ranking student of an entire class body.

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