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Bank On It! Worksheet

Cinco De Mayo

Work Bank

celebration      de      The      of      Cinco      products      United      hold      it      San      dancing.      in      are      Angeles,      language      states


In the United States Cinco ____________ Mayo is observed by many Americans regardless ____________ ethnic origins, particularly along the border ____________ where there is a large hispanic population. ____________ largest of these celebrations ____________ found ____________ the larger cities such as Denver, Colorado; Los ____________ California; San Diego, California; Dallas, Texas; ____________ Antonio, Texas; Houston, Texas; and Phoenix, Arizona. Although ____________ is no more an officially recognized holiday than St. Patrick's Day in the United States, many cities display ____________ de Mayo banners while school districts hold special events to educate students about its historical significance, especially in the Spanish ____________ classes. Commercial interests in the ____________ States have capitalized on the ____________ with advertising for ____________ and services with an emphasis on foods, beverages, and music. To balance that, however, many multi-ethnic communities ____________ special events and celebrations which highlight the Mexican-hispanic culture, especially in its music and regional ____________


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