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Christmas Crossword Puzzle Worksheet


1. an indoor recess in a chimney, in which fires can be made.

3. a plant with small yellow flowers and white berries used as Christmas decor

6. Claus A legendary holiday figure that is reported to give gifts to good children

7. strips of copper or bronze that are used to make a glittery or sparkling effect

8. An open structure on runners that glides over snow with the help of horses or other animals

9. the very start of the christmas season

11. A circular combination of flowers and leafs used for ornamental purposes

12. items used to make a room or object look fancy


2. An object given voluntarily to show honor and adoration

4. strings of green plants that are strung in the house around christmas

5. large male and female deer with antlers, found in arctic location

10. a vertical brick structure with a passage for smoke to escape the home

13. a milky substance usually drank in the winter


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