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Bank On It! Worksheet


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354      baptism      of      January      Church      the      word      old      of      not      accepted      Magi),      Mass.      December      our      In      traditional      the          

The ____________ Christmas comes from the old English "Cristes maesse" meaning Christ's ____________ The Holiday celebrates the birth ____________ Jesus Christ. The actual birthday of Jesus is ____________ known; therefore, the early ____________ Fathers in the 4th century fixed the day around the ____________ Roman Saturnalia festival (17 - 21 December), a ____________ pagan festivity. The first mention of the birthday of Jesus is from the year ____________ AD. Gradually all Christian churches, except Armenians who celebrate Christmas on ____________ 6 (the date of the ____________ of Jesus as well as the day of ____________ three ____________ ____________ the date of ____________ 25th.

____________ American/English tradition, Christmas Day itself is the day for opening gifts brought by jolly old St. Nick. Many ____________ ____________ current American ideals about the way Christmas ought to be, derive from the English Victorian Christmas, such as that described in Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol."

The caroling, ____________ gifts, the feast, and the wishing of good cheer to all - these ingredients came together to create that special Christmas atmosphere.

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