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Vocab. Quiz: Grade Three (Grade 3) Vocabulary List Five


Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

1. letter extending in a line without a curve or bend.
2. funny used as a greeting, exclamation of surprise, or call for attention.
3. head provoking amusement or laughter.
4. egg not anything; no thing:
5. move (used with a sing. verb) 1. a report of recent events considered noteworthy, as transmitted through the media.
6. egg to change position or location.
7. tadpole to no longer possess; be unable to find; misplace:
8. news that changes place or position.
9. nothing not on any occasion; not at any time:
10. never a male child or adolescent.
11. straight a written representation of a speech sound; specific character of an alphabet.
12. lose (slang) a habitual user of illegal drugs, or an enthusiast (often used in combination):
13. boy to incite or encourage to act (usu. fol. by on):
14. hello the larva of a frog or toad at the stage when it lives in water and has gills and a tail.
15. moving (informal) person:

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