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Vocab. Quiz: Grade Six (Grade 6) Vocabulary List Five


Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

1. generosity causing grave harm, loss, ruin, or the like; tragic or calamitous.
2. pediatrician made by human beings.
3. remember a sudden calamity, esp. one causing widespread damage or suffering.
4. hitchhike to call to mind from memory; recall.
5. gracious to make clear in speech or writing; make plain by analysis or description:
6. politician one who installs, maintains, repairs, or operates electrical equipment for a living.
7. explain not conscious or aware.
8. explanation to solicit or obtain a free ride or series or rides in a vehicle.
9. maintain the act, process, or result of explaining.
10. artificial a doctor specializing in the medical care of children.
11. disastrous frighteningly hideous; frightfully ugly.
12. monstrous willing readiness to give.
13. electrician to keep in existence; continue:
14. unconscious inclined to do what is polite, kind, right, or considerate:
15. disaster a person engaged in party politics.

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