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Vocab. Quiz: Grade Six (Grade 6) Vocabulary List Four


Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

1. complete of the outside or outer part; being outside.
2. require the degree or amount by which something reaches.
3. extreme to carry through some action or gain some result.
4. external to order or dictate:
5. pursue to follow someone or something in an effort to reach or catch; chase.
6. achieve to remove or take out by use of force.
7. extract something that is required; necessity:
8. extent more than is expected or usual:
9. requirement the act or process of delaying or imprisoning, or the condition of being so held.
10. exterior lacking no necessary elements or parts:
11. extra on or related to the outside or outer side.
12. detention of a kind well beyond the ordinary:

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