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Vocab. Quiz: Grade Six (Grade 6) Vocabulary List Three


Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

1. accompany to hope for or look forward to with some reason to believe in fulfillment:
2. accelerate a coming to formal termination, as in the case of a contract, license, or the like.
3. attend to put out (a fire, flame, or light).
4. attract one who is very skilled in or knowledgeable about a particular thing.
5. accommodate to cause (a particular activity or process) to happen faster:
6. expense to be present at.
7. extinguish to begin to inflict harm upon.
8. expect to amass; collect:
9. accumulate to go with; join with.
10. expiration a particular situation or event that one has encountered or lived through.
11. experiment to have room for:
12. expert something given or paid out, such as money, effort, or time, esp. in return for something else; cost.
13. experience to cause to come near, as by some special quality or action.
14. attack to try or seek; undertake:
15. attempt a test or trial to discover something unknown, esp. a scientific one to determine a cause-and-effect relationship.

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