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Vocab. Quiz: Grade Six (Grade 6) Vocabulary List Two


Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

1. special of or relating to trade or business.
2. athletic characteristic of a single race or of particular races of people.
3. detention of or pertaining to upper-class or genteel society:
4. vicious a licensed medical doctor, esp. one who is not a surgeon.
5. precious more than is expected or usual:
6. extra characterized by vice; wicked; immoral.
7. suspicious mysterious and charming:
8. racial of great worth or value.
9. magical extremely pleasing or agreeable, esp. to the sense of taste or smell.
10. basic tending to cause or evoke questions or doubt:
11. physician of or pertaining to sports and other physical activities.
12. commercial the act or process of delaying or imprisoning, or the condition of being so held.
13. social having a distinct or singular character:
14. delicious (often pl.) something basic or fundamental:

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