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Vocab. Quiz: Grade Seven (Grade 7) Vocabulary List Three


Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

1. subconscious a note or message added at the end of a book or document, esp. at the end of a letter following the signature.
2. superintendent one who supervises or administers an institution, area, job, or the like.
3. transcontinental to give advance warning to.
4. forewarn below the earth's surface; underground.
5. superlative designating those mental activities that are beyond one's awareness:
6. supersonic exceeding or capable of exceeding the speed of sound waves through air.
7. forecast of the finest kind or highest quality.
8. postscript the capacity to learn, reason, and understand.
9. submerge to put or plunge under water or other fluid:
10. intelligence under the authority or control of a superior; subservient; dependent.
11. subterranean going across or spanning a continent.
12. subordinate to predict (the weather).
13. postpone of, pertaining to, or caused by forces separate from or superior to what are considered natural laws:
14. supernatural to defer until a later time.
15. postdate to intentionally mark with a date that is later than the current date:

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