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Vocab. Quiz: Grade Seven (Grade 7) Vocabulary List Two


Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

1. disprove a story or recitation; narrative.
2. assemble to show approval or think favorably of something or someone.
3. infection a feeling of warmth and fondness for someone or something.
4. appeal to deduct (an amount or percentage) from a cost or price.
5. affection a sincere and earnest request or plea, usu. for aid or sympathy.
6. influence the act or process of resisting.
7. assistance the intangible action of one thing or person on another, which creates an effect on the other.
8. accent relative prominence of a syllable within a particular word; stress.
9. recent material wealth.
10. account the act of giving aid or support.
11. resemble to prove to be untrue, erroneous, or invalid.
12. affluence to gather (things or persons) into a group.
13. resistance influence, usu. corrupting, on ideas, attitudes, or the like, as though by contagion.
14. discount of or occurring in the immediate past:
15. approve to have a similar nature or have a likeness to.

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