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Vocab. Quiz: Grade Two (Grade 2) Vocabulary List Five


Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

1. liquid oral exchange of ideas, opinions, and the like.
2. myself successful or victorious:
3. conversation an expanse of open and usu. grassy ground.
4. guarded a punishment inflicted or incurred for breaking a law or rule or for violating an agreement.
5. grab an undetermined or unspecified thing:
6. asteroid consisting of molecules that move easily, unlike those of a solid, but tend not to separate, as do those of a gas.
7. brush a device made of stiff hairs, such as nylon or animal hair, fastened into a handle, for grooming, painting, scrubbing, and the like.
8. change wary; cautious:
9. penalty any of thousands of celestial bodies with diameters between one and five hundred miles that revolve around the sun in orbits located mostly between those of Jupiter and Mars; planetoid.
10. something to alter the content or form of:
11. immense used to emphasize me or I:
12. living the juncture of the earth and the sky as perceived by the observer.
13. winning having life:
14. horizon to take hold of suddenly or forcefully; grasp:
15. field too large to measure; boundless.

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