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Vocab. Quiz: Grade Two (Grade 2) Vocabulary List Three


Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

1. advantage to put or spread something over or on, as for protection or concealment.
2. vacuum to extend over an area or in a certain direction.
3. between something that is a benefit, profit, or gain.
4. scarf any shape resembling this, such as the red figure designating one suit in a deck of playing cards.
5. cover in the area separating:
6. planet of, relating to, or derived from the sun:
7. argument a space empty of all matter.
8. wrinkle to bring into being; yield.
9. stretch a usu. long and narrow woven or knitted garment worn around the neck, head, or shoulders.
10. tour to journey from place to place.
11. brilliant to form or acquire wrinkles.
12. produce a process of disagreement.
13. wrinkle (informal) an approach, method, development, device, or the like (usu. prec. by new):
14. interrupt to cause to stop; break off:
15. solar a large, nonluminous celestial body, esp. one of the nine in the solar system, that revolves around a star and often has one or more satellites.
16. diamond extremely shiny or bright; glittering.

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