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Vocab. Quiz: Grade Five (Grade 5) Vocabulary List Two


Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

1. neutrality love for, and devotion and loyalty to, one's nation.
2. notation a way or act of proceeding.
3. physician to follow in an effort to reach or catch; chase.
4. negotiate very grand or splendid; extremely impressive in size or beauty.
5. minimum to bargain or come to terms with another party or parties.
6. permanent not complete:
7. magnificent a thick, flammable mineral oil obtained by drilling beneath the earth's surface and processed into various fuels and lubricants, naphtha, paraffin, and other products.
8. partial any animal or plant.
9. noticeable the smallest or least possible amount, degree, or number:
10. procedure the condition or status of being neutral.
11. pursue a system of symbols used in a particular field:
12. organism existing or intended to exist indefinitely or perpetually; everlasting:
13. petroleum easily noticed; evident; apparent.
14. patriotism a licensed medical doctor, esp. one who is not a surgeon.

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