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Vocab Quiz: Grade One (Grade 1) Vocabulary List Four


Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

1. little any of a number of omnivorous cloven-hoofed mammals with broad snouts; swine; hog.
2. clean a head covering made of natural or artificial hair, worn to cover baldness or unsightly hair, or as an adornment, esp. as part of a costume.
3. you the person or persons being addressed:
4. wig large in size, number, extent, or weight.
5. good of a certain extent or amount (prec. by a):
6. ten not dirty or stained; unsoiled.
7. we to make a hole by removing dirt, sand, or the like.
8. dig the number represented by the Arabic numeral 9 and by the Roman numeral IX.
9. pig desirable; positive.
10. nine the number represented by the Arabic numeral 10 and by the Roman numeral X.
11. big used in reference to the speaker and one or more others:

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