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Vocab Quiz: Grade One (Grade 1) Vocabulary List One


Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

1. not used to indicate negation, disagreement, refusal, or prohibition:
2. green the number represented by the Arabic numeral 2 and by the Roman numeral II.
3. spot to fall down or over in a limp or heavy manner:
4. two to halt or cause to halt.
5. five a deep round container, usu. made of metal and used for cooking and serving food.
6. flop a mark, such as a stain, different in color from the area surrounding it; blot.
7. bring to bring into being by constructing from separate parts:
8. catch the number represented by the Arabic numeral 3 and by the Roman numeral III.
9. hot to take, lead, or carry toward the speaker or from one place to another:
10. black to attract:
11. pot the number represented by the Arabic numeral 5 and the Roman numeral V.
12. three past tense and a past participle of get.
13. make the darkest color, which absorbs but does not reflect light.
14. stop holding or giving off great heat.
15. got the color of emeralds or of young, growing foliage; the color lying between yellow and blue on the spectrum.

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