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Vocab. Quiz: Grade Eight (Grade 8) Vocabulary List Five


Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

1. periodical of the period between puberty and adulthood.
2. periodic a publication composed of issues that appear at regular intervals:
3. reluctant a building or large room designed and equipped for physical education and for athletic and gymnastic games and contests.
4. gymnasium near or next to; adjoining.
5. compliance of, pertaining to, or possessing drama.
6. morally tending to expect favorable outcomes:
7. specific having repeated cycles.
8. optimistic clearly noticeable; obvious; conspicuous.
9. automatic acquiescence or conformity:
10. dramatic a formal pact or agreement between or among nations.
11. permanent existing or intended to exist indefinitely or perpetually; everlasting:
12. alliance in a moral way or manner.
13. sentimentality something that is specific, such as a statement or characteristic.
14. prominent unenthusiastic or unwilling; disinclined.
15. adolescent acting by itself without outside power or influence.
16. adjacent the quality or condition, or an instance, of being sentimental, esp. in an excessive or affected way.

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