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Vocab. Quiz: Grade Eight (Grade 8) Vocabulary List Four


Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

1. dependable deserving of trust or confidence; reliable.
2. license the state of being urgent; pressing necessity or importance.
3. concerned the quality of will that enables a person to confront fear or danger regardless of the consequences; bravery:
4. ignorance one skilled in magic, or one who performs tricks of illusion for entertainment.
5. category involved or interested.
6. ingredient a person belonging by birth or naturalization to a political and geographic entity, esp. a nation. (Cf. alien).
7. experience a specific class or group in a classification system.
8. resemblance formal permission from an authority; official permit.
9. courage able to exist or function harmoniously with another.
10. acceptable one of the substances or elements in a mixture:
11. compatible a chart of the days, weeks, and months of one or more years.
12. calendar the condition or fact of being ignorant; lack of education, information, or the like.
13. urgency worthy of approval; satisfactory:
14. magician the state or fact of showing similarity or likeness:
15. citizen a particular situation or event that one has encountered or lived through.

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