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Vocab. Quiz: Grade Eight (Grade 8) Vocabulary List Three


Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

1. derive to catch and place under arrest.
2. assume to take a possession or attribute away from; divest of:
3. paraphrase to obtain or extract from an original source (usu. fol. by from).
4. resent a sequence, as of items in a series; succession:
5. assent to lessen drastically; exhaust:
6. parallel to agree or give approval; concur (usu. fol. by to).
7. aggression a restatement of a passage or text in somewhat different words so as to simplify or clarify.
8. destruction concentration of mental powers, esp. on a particular object.
9. progression the act of destroying.
10. attention extending in the same direction and being the same distance apart at every point:
11. deplete unprovoked hostile action against a country by another's military forces.
12. pronounce to make known publicly:
13. apprehend to articulate or enunciate (a sound, word, or words), or to utter (something) in a specified manner:
14. announce to suppose (something) to be true without evidence; take for granted:
15. deprive to feel or exhibit bitterness, displeasure, or indignation toward.

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