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Vocab. Quiz: Grade Eight (Grade 8) Vocabulary List One


Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

1. interstate difficult or impossible to believe:
2. obtain to penetrate or go through something.
3. impossible to perceive, discover, or uncover:
4. clearance to be customary; prevail:
5. perforate a pause or interruption between periods of activity; respite; recess.
6. intermission available to others; easily approached.
7. interview to cause (a liquid) to trickle or pass through something porous, such as a filter.
8. incredible to provide an explanation.
9. permissible permitted; allowable.
10. interpret easily influenced or impressed (usu. fol. by to):
11. susceptible the space between things that prevents a collision.
12. perennial a meeting between a job applicant and a prospective employer, usu. to determine the applicant's qualifications.
13. approachable lasting throughout the year, for many years, or indefinitely; constant:
14. percolate not able to happen, exist, or be done:
15. detect concerning or connecting two or more states, esp. of the United States:

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