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Logic Puzzle Answers

The Ten Gallon Hat

Fill A 2. Pour 4 gallons into B 3. 5 gallons remain in A 4. Empty B 5. Refill B from A-this leaves 1 gallon in A 6. Empty B and put the 1 gallon from A into B 7. Refill A 8. Fill B from A. This will take 3 gallons, leaving 6 in A

The Golf Bal Caper

5:59 - Because each minute, the number of balls double!

The Farmer

The farmer ended up with $90.

The total he had was: $60 + $10 from his wife == $70.

$90 - $70 = $20 dollars profit.

The Hotel

Each person paid $9, totalling $27. The manager has $25 and the bellboy $2. The bellboy's $2 should be added to the manager's $25 or subtracted from the tenants' $27, not added to the tenants' $27.

How Old Are You Now?

Tim is 3, Jane is 8, and Mary is 15. Clue number 1 leads to the situation a year and a half ago, when Tim was 1 1/2, Jane was 6 1/2, and Mary was 13 1/2.

The Hours Up!

Start both hourglasses. When the 4-minute glass runs out, turn it over (4 minutes elapsed). When the 7-minute glass runs out, turn it over (7 minutes elapsed). When the 4-minute glass runs out this time (8 minuts elapsed), the 7-minute glass has been running for 1 minute. Turn it over once again. When it stops, 9 minutes have elapsed.

Catch That Bicycle!

Each bike travels at 10 mph, so they meet at the center of the 20 mile distance in exactly 1 hour the fly travels 15 mph and so at the end of the hour, he will have gone 15 miles.

The Bookworm

On a book shelf the first page of the first volume is on the "inside" so the bookworm eats only through the cover of the first volume, then 8 times 1000 pages of Volumes 2 - 9, then through the cover to the 1st page of Vol 10. He eats 8,000 pages.

If the bookworm ate the first page and the last page, it ate 8,004 pages.

Where's the Gold?

The sign on box A says "The sign on box B is true and the gold is in box A". The sign on box B says "The sign on box A is false and the gold is in box A". The following argument can be made: If the statement on box A is true, then the statement on box B is true, since that is what the statement on box A says. But the statement on box B states that the statement on box A is false, which contradicts the original assumption. Therefore, the statement on box A must be false. This implies that either the statement on box B is false or that the gold is in box B. If the statement on box B is false, then either the statement on box A is true (which it cannot be) or the gold is in box B. Either way, the gold is in box B.

Where's my Camel?

The wiseman tells them to switch camels.

The Bank

There is no reason whatever why the customer's original deposit of $100 should equal the total of the balanes left after each withdrawal. The total of withdrawals in the left-hand colum must always equal $100, but is is purely coincidence that the total of the right-hand column is close to $100.

The Basket Case

Mark the baskets or line them up. Take 1 ball from the 1st basket, 2 balls from the 2nd, 3 balls from the 3rd etc. Put them all on the scale. Their mass should add up to 10+20+30+...+100=550kg. Subtract the mass you get from 550 and you get the basket they're in! eg. If the 9kg balls are in basket 6, the scale will read 10+...+50+54+70+...+100=544kg. 550-544=6.

Ship Wrecked!

When they meet, they're both at the same spot, so they are both the same distance from NYC..

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