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Note: Any worksheets, quizzes or activities you print out and complete must have your name on them.

1. Type in this address to get to the Scavenger Hunt site:

2. Follow each step carefully and click on each link to complete the activities and answer the questions.

3. Once you have answered the site's questions, use the links to answer these. You can also use this website for extra information:

a) Why is the skeletal system important?

b) Where can you find the largest bone in your body?

c) What else are bones able to do?

d) What holds the bones together?

e) What do bones contain that can also be found in some foods?

4. Once you have answered these questions, find another five or six interesting facts about the skeleton that you can share with the rest of the class. Write them down on paper.

5. Now that you have finished, type in this address and take their skeleton quiz.

6. Once you have finished this scavenger hunt, type up your answers and the information you have found out and be ready to share it with the rest of the class. If you don't get time to type them, you will have time in class to write them up. Both of you must have a copy of your answers and any completed worksheets or quizzes.

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