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Our human skeletal system gives our body shape and helps protect our internal vital organs. If we did not have a fully functioning skeletal, we would just be piles of mush. In addition to bones, the skeletal system is composed of tendons that connect bone to muscle, ligaments that connect bones together, and cartilage which is the flexible tissue that noses, and ears are made up of.

Note:This is a free roaming web quest. This means that you will need to search and verify your answers with several sources.

1. What do bones do for humans?

2. How many bones are in the human body?

3. How many bones are we born with? Why does it change as we develop?

4. What is the smallest bone in your body?

5. What is the largest bone in your body?

6. What is found inside a bone?

7. What is the purpose of bone marrow?

8. What connects two bones together?

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