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Bank On It! Worksheet


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conscious      the      In      your      is      These      day's      businessman's      large      are      tend      months      two      the      and      to      in      and              

In general, the Japanese are much more ____________ of their appearance in public than we are ____________ the West. This is evident when they leave their homes for a quick shopping trip or a ____________ work. Some Japanese would rather spend money on clothing than on food. ____________ ____________ ____________ cities ____________ clothing ____________ a sign of your background, social status, or wealth. Young secretaries will save ____________ of salary just for the perfect designer purse that they can wear on the bus or train.

The attire and styles ____________ also more formal ____________ conservative. In general, women do not wear sleeveless tops, shorts, or revealing styles. For work, most women do not wear slacks. To conform ____________ the typical ____________ style, men wear dark ____________ piece suits with plain white shirts and conservative ties. Adults rarely wear bright colours ____________ bold designs. ____________ things ____________ to make you stand out from the crowd or group, and this is not desired behaviour for ____________ Japanese in contrast to North Americans.

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