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Reading Comprehension Worksheet


Kite was originally called Zhiyuan in north China, and Yaozi in south China. Early in the Five dynasties, a man named Li Ye used to make and fly kite in the imperial court. He once attached a whistle made of bamboo to the kite, sound was let out when the kite was flying, the kite was named after Zheng, a kind of Chinese music instrument. Then it was named Fengzheng till today.

The earliest kite in the world was made by Mo-tse, a famous Chinese philosopher lived 2300 years ago, for military purpose. He spent three years making an eagle and managed to fly it. The eagle later was regarded as the first kite in the world. Kite flying became a recreation probably from the Tang dynasty when the royal family and aristocrats were addicted to it. It was said that the Emperor Xuanzong in the Tang dynasty once was deeply attracted by a kite named Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea flying in the air. The invention of paper made kites cost less and quick spread among the common people. As time went on, kites flew to various counties in the world. The well-known British scientist, Dr. Needham, once described kites as an important scientific invention spread to Europe from China in his book, A History of China's Science and Technology. The invention of kite aroused the dream of mankind to fly and led to invention of airplane.

1. What were the original names given to the kite in Northern and Southern China?



2. How old is the invention of a kite and how is credited for inventing it?

Year: _________________

Inventor: ______________________

3. After what invention did kites become affordable and very popular among all people?




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