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Canada Vocabulary

bilingual Speaking in and understanding at least two languages
constitution A written record of fundamental principles according to an organization or state
cordillera A group of parallel mountain ranges together with plateaus and other features
Edmonton The capital of the province of Alberta
federation A group of organization which has smaller divisions within it that are somewhat separated from one another
Inuit A member of an indigenous people of northern Canada
Ottawa The federal capital of Canada, in southeastern Ontario
prime minister The head of an elected government, specifically the principal minister of a sovereign or state
prairie A large, open expanse of grassland
provinces The whole of a country outside the capital
Quebec A heavily forested province in eastern Canada
territories An area of land under the jurisdiction of a state or common ruler
Toronto A city in Canada, also the capital of Ontario
unification The process of being made whole or united
Victoria The capital city of British Columbia, Canada, located on the tip of Vancouver Island


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