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meteorite      Erebus,      now      mammals,      in      and      meteorology,   specialists      glaciology,      seas      the      meteorology--the      that      Antarctica  ongoing      parts      science.

The first investigations in ____________ were those of geography ____________ elemental ____________ mapping of the continent and determination of its weather patterns and movement of the ice pack, problems ____________ had to be reckoned with in furthering exploration. Then came the geologists who sought information on the rock types and structures in efforts to relate this landmass to other continents ____________ the Southern Hemisphere. As more discoveries were made--of fish, ____________ and birds inhabiting the southern ____________ and coastal areas--biologists and zoologists were added to expeditions, and eventually virtually all scientific disciplines of today have their ____________ in the field in the farthest outposts of Antarctica. For the most part, scientific research ____________ falls among ____________ following disciplines: geology, ____________ oceanography, astronomy, ____________ atmospheric sciences, biology, and medical ____________ Among the more interesting studies have been those covering the ____________ volcanic and seismic activity at Mount ____________ and the locations and characteristics of ____________ fragments being found in various ____________ of the continent.

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