Halloween In Your Classroom Tips For Teachers

Ideas For Halloween In Your Classroom

Teachers offer ten great ideas to bring the theme of Halloween into your class. We truly have some unique tips that will spark or scary students into a fun time in your classroom.
  1. Read scary stories.
  2. Tell Halloween jokes. Try our jokes you can tell in class center.
  3. Include pumpkins, bats, and scarecrows in your lessons.
  4. Candy estimation is fun for any grade level. Get a large jar, lots of candy, and hat. Have students each write their name and guess at the number of candies in the jar. Each day pull a guess out of the hat. Keep the closest guess displayed each day. After the last guess, the student with the closest guess keeps the jar.
  5. Create a fictional cemetery to study history. It can be done with people, events, or theories.
  6. Create a mystery. This really starts a buzz about the school, if you include other teachers and staff members.
  7. Include candy in your lessons. Candy trees can be used as countdowns to dates.
  8. Take time to mention Halloween safety. You can also use it to review safety in your classroom.
  9. Do a candy sorting or graphing activty.
  10. Have your class develop spooky stories. You can do it it line by line for extra fun.