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Name: __________________________ Subject: Physical Education
Teacher Name: ___________________ Date: ___________________


Weekly Physical Fitness



Obesity is currently a growing epidemic in our country. There are several ways in which we can combat this epidemic, such as correct diet, education, and adequate physical activity. For this unit we will concentrate on the physical activity and the education.

The human body is made up of 206 bones and 640 muscles! That is a lot of pieces of the body. It is important for everyone to know the names of muscles and how to exercise them. Without being able to exercise your muscles we would not be able to play games or even stand up!


Students will be given a daily log in which they will keep track of all physical activity they participate in and the duration of the activity, for a week.

After the week is up they will evaluate the log, make recommendations on how to improve their physical activity if need, and a reflection on what the information they gathered.
The students will then be broke up into a group of 4-5 to compare date. They will put together a graph indicating the amount of physical activity in the group and give a small presentation to the class, using the graph and giving recommendations on their physical activity.

-Your job is to find out a muscle that is in each of the body parts of the body.
-You should also try to find ways that you could exercise those muscles that you find while on your quest.

Remember, a muscle can be exercised in many different ways not just by weight training.


The teacher will give the basic information the students will need to complete this task. This information will include; daily logs and how to accurately record their physical activity, knowledge on the recommended standards for physical activity, and guidance and direction for obtaining more information and completing the task.

While on your quest, look for a muscle from one body part at a time. Then think of an exercise for that muscle.

The body parts that you should find at least one muscle for are:
1) Arms
2) Legs
3) Chest
4) Back
5) Stomach

  Web sites provided by the teacher, as well as websites the students have found through exploring on their own. Possibly some articles and documentary television.

Weekly logs
Group Presentation w/ graphs

When finished you will be expected to present one of your muscles and show the class how to do the exercise that goes with that muscle.
Found five muscles and an exercise for each body part
Presented a muscle and its exercise


A survey that will be email to the instructor at the end of the unit.

You probably learned some new things about your body and muscles while on your quest. This information will help you stay healthy and can also be a fun way to pass the time!

After looking at the different muscles, do you know more about your body?
Do you think that the exercises you found are fun?

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