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Name: __________________________ Subject: Science: Weather
Teacher Name: ___________________ Date: ___________________


Weather Watchers!


  Congratulations! You have just been named Channel 10s new meteorologist! For the next week, you will be tracking the weather. You will also be able to predict the weather for next week!

*A meteorologist is a scientist who studies the weather. A meteorologist watches, records, and predicts the weather.
  Have you ever wondered how meteorologists predict the weather? Well, this week you will be able to watch, record, and predict the weather just like a meteorologist!

Everyday for the next week you and your partner will go outside and check weather. You will check the temperature with your thermometer. You will also look for any moisture in the air and grass (is there dew on the ground?). Lastly, look for any clouds in the sky. Look to see if they are moving. You will then predict the weather for the day.

Then, we will look on WBIRs website to see if our records are the same. Also, we will see at the end of the day if our predictions were correct!
  Outside of the classroom

1. You and your partners thermometer should already have been placed outside on Friday. So, today you and your partner need to go outside and look at the temperature.
2. Record the temperature on your Weather Data Sheet under Temperature at School.
3. Go to the grass and touch it. Do you or your partner feel any moisture? Is there any dew on the grass? If so, place a check mark in the box under Moisture. If not, place an X in the box under Moisture.
4. Now, look up in the sky. Do you or your partner see any clouds? If so, put a check mark in the box under Clouds. If not, place an X in the box under Clouds.
5. Next, to check for wind hold up your pin wheel. Is it moving? If so, put a check mark in the box under Wind. If not, place an X in the box under Wind.

Inside of the classroom

1. Take the information you have gathered and predict what the weather will be like in your Meteorologist Journal. Draw a small picture that shows others your prediction. Make sure to answer the following questions with your picture:
a. Will it rain today? Are there any clouds in the sky?
b. Will it be windy today?
c. Will the sun be shining today?
d. What is the average temperature for today?

On the computer

2. You and your partner should visit the WBIRs weather website by clicking on this link:
3. Record the temperature under WBIRs Temperature.
4. Record the moisture/humidity under WBIRs Moisture (humidity).
5. Look at the picture next to the temperature. Are their any clouds? Report your findings by placing either a check or an X under the WBIRs Cloud box.
6. Record the wind under WBIRs Wind.
7. How did your predictions match up? Write a paragraph in your Meteologist Journal about your predictions compared to WBIR's forecast.

Special Days:


1. Visit the website
2. Click on START!
3. Adjust the weather in the scene by changing the temperature and humidity. What happens when you raise the humidity? What happens when you lower the temperature?
4. Record this in your Meteorologist Journal.


1. Visit the website
3. Follow the instructions by helping Stan tell his forecast.
  Use this interactive radar map to see how meteorologists predict the weather:

Find Tennessee on this radar map. What does the weather look like? Do you see clouds?
  On Friday you and your partner will make a booklet containing your daily weather predictions and outcomes. You and your partner will show the class your predictions (including drawings) and explain what the outcome of the day was. You must include drawings for each day and your paragraph of predictions and conclusions for each day.
  Students will write a personal letter to me including the following information:

1. What did you learn?
2. What was your favorite part of the project?
3. Would you like to be a meteorologist when you grow up?
4. Do you feel as though you can predict weather by looking outside? Why?

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