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Name: __________________________ Subject: Science
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The Solar System


  The Solar System is made up of eight planets, including the inner and outer planets, which rotate around the Sun.

Throughout this Science lesson we will learn some new and interesting facts about all eight planets in our Solar System, as well as review information we have already learned.

Grade level: 3-4
  For each of the eight planets in our Solar System, we will fill out the following information:

Planet: _______________
Order from sun: _________
Number of moons (or satellites): ______________
Something interesting I discovered about this planet: _____________________________

As well as color a picture of each planet according to what they look like.

To begin your task, use the first website listed on the resource page to find information about each planet.

While reading about the planets, fill in blanks of the given chart.

Once you have filled out the chart, use the second website to look at pictures of the planets and use colored pencils or crayons to draw your own.

After you have done these steps for each planet put them in their correct order and hand them in.

  Use the following websites to help complete your activity:

Information about each planet in our Solar System-

A website to show you what each planet looks like-
  Please use the attached rubric as a guide to complete all expected tasks.
  You have now learned about all eight of our planets, including some facts you may not have known before. For anyone interested in learning more about our Solar System please feel free to ask for additional websites.

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