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The Scientific Method


  You will be learning about the scientific method! Everyday we come into contact with different types of science. We have physical, life and earth science. But this week you will be exploring physical science. So you and your partner start up your learning engines because you are now going to be investigators and you have to complete different task on how to use scientific method in the world!
  At the end of this assignment you and your partner will need to answer the following question: How can using the Scientific Method help to solve everyday problems?
  In this section, you will have to focus and work with your partner to make sure that you complete the task. Make sure to read all directions. You will need to click on each website in the next section and do what is asked of you for each particular website and each assignment and project. Make sure that you write down all notes and record your answers in your science folders. You will have one week to complete each task. Good luck and now it is time to find out how to solve everyday problems using scientific method.
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  Write a paragraph in your science journal about how you can use the scientific method to solve everyday problems. Make sure to use as many vocabulary words as possible.
  You have just successfully completed the unit on scientific method! You are now officially expert investigators in the scientific world! Go job Investigators.

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