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The Pioneers of PTE



Periodic table is the bible of chemistry. Have you ever wondered how the periodic table of elements come about? It's development has interesting story. You don't know that some of them drafted their own periodic table and imparted their concepts about it.

The periodic table of the elements is major part of science and has been used to predict properties of elements that hadn't been discovered yet. It organizes the elements into different families based on their properties. During this web quest, pretend that you are a scientist trying to learn of the history and importance of the periodic table.

This web quest will enable you trace the development of periodic table of elements


Working in a group composed of three members,you will search on for the life and achievements of the scientists who contributed in the development of periodic table of elements.

Using the provided resources, answer the following questions.
1. Who first attempted to organize the elements into a table and who came up with the idea of the periodic table that we use today?
2. How are elements organized into the periodic table?
3. What is the importance of the periodic table?
4. What would science be like if the periodic table had never been created?
5. What year was the periodic table created?

  After searching for the life of these scientists, you are going to make a brochure of these scientists who contributed a lot in the development of periodic table of elements. Be sure to include the following:
1. biography
2. educational background
3. career/ profession
4. achievements
5. how he drafted his PT
A- Johann Dobereiner
B- John Newlands
C- Lothar Meyer
D- Dmitri Mendeleev
E- Henry Moseley
  Here are the websites for you to search on:

By making this project, you'll be able to appreciate the contributions made by the scientist assigned to you. After reading all of the articles, answer the questions and turn them in to the teacher.

Include a summary of what you learned about the periodic table from the web quest and turn it in with the questions.

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