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The Art of Brainwashing


  We all have been the victim of some kind of brainwashing in our lifetimes. Don't believe me? Have you ever bought something because of a commercial you saw? Or because someone "cool" was using that product? Have you ever thought it would be cool to join the army or go to a particular college because you saw something about them on t.v.? Then you, like me, have been brainwashed! Propaganda is everywhere. Sometimes it's negative, sometimes positive, but it's always aimed at selling us ideas, products, or beliefs.
  Can you identify different types of propaganda and their specific purpose? Can you make up an ad that uses the techniques you have learned to identify?
  You have six class periods to work on this webquest. You may use the netbooks or the regular computers to find your information. Store your work product on your H drive. You will eventually email me your finished work, or post to our wiki page if I have it ready to go. Make sure to use your time wisely and help your partner in whatever way is needed.
  Nazi Germany posters from 1933-45.

Smoking Ads from our past

A list of logical fallacies

A website explicitly for getting ideas on how to convince people of something

Synopsis of some famous ad campaigns of the 90's

A short essay on the influence of advertising§ion=advertising

A history of how white southerners were sold a myth about their history

  At the end of this project you will have two things: 1. A list of 10 advertisements illustrating different types of persuasion--describe where they came from, what their purpose was, who their audience was, and what kind of persuasive technique or fallacy they used.
2. Your own ad, using computer graphics, sound, a full color poster with either pictures or drawings and print, or a radio or t.v. ad. You can use whatever resources you can find to complete this task.
You will be graded on the level of your understanding of what we have studied, and the effectiveness of the ad you create.
The piece is worth 100 points and is considered an assessment.
  Answer the following:
Do you know more about the way ads are created and their purpose now?
Do you think you can recognize when someone is lying to try to sell you something?
Are you more or less likely to be brainwashed by someone now than before?

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