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Name: __________________________ Subject: Spanish
Teacher Name: Mr. Filoramo Date: ___________________


Talk It Up!


  The Spanish language is spoken in 15 of the 19 countries in South and Central America and in a few in North America as well. Apparently el Espanol is a pretty big deal. Do you speak Spanish? Are you only just beginning to learn? How do you use the Spanish language to communicate?
  You will have to learn about 3 ways in which the Spanish language is used by people to communicate with each other.
1. You need to bring to class a physical representation of each of those 3 ways of communicating and demonstrate them to the class.
2. You need to write a brief, clear report of what you researched and how you got all your information.
  Start by thinking about different ways you use your native language to communicate: talking out loud to your parents or family members; writing a letter, a story, or a poem; sending text messages to friends; hearing a song or a commercial advertisement on the radio; etc. You need identify three ways you most commonly use your language to communicate, and then you will think about how a Spanish-speaker might also communicate in those three ways. For example, if you listen to the radio in English everyday, you need to find a local radio station which only uses Spanish. Or if you like reading books written by American authors, find one written in Spanish.
  Look on for examples of actors or even family members and friends talking with each other in Spanish.
Try for news reports written in Spanish.
Use the microphone or sound recorder on your computer to record your friends or family conversing in Spanish.
  Excellent: If your 3 methods of communication are diverse; if you effectively demonstrated those methods to the class; if your report covered all the necessary information about your research.
Fair: If you had 3 examples, but they were too similar to each other; if you didn't demonstrate one of your examples for the class; if your report wasn't specific about how you got your information.
Poor: If you provided fewer than 3 examples of Spanish communication; if you came unprepared to demonstrate fewer than 2 examples to the class; if you did not write accurately about your research.
  This project was designed to help you, as students, come to understand that, although Spanish is a language that is foreign to English-speakers, it is used in real life by real people to communicate the same things English-speakers try to communicate. Did you think this assignment helped you connect with communication in a new language? Email me with your feedback.

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