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Survival in Arctic Tundra


  You are a researcher studying about how animals survive in the Arctic Tundra.
You will learn about them and share with your classmates. Are you ready?
Let's go...
  You will choose one of the animals given, research on it by writing questions to help you with the research and share your findings using podcast.
  1) As a group of 4, you will work together as a team to investigate one of the animals listed below:
a) Caribou
b) polar bear
c) Arctic fox
d) harp seal
e) musk ox
f) ermine
g) Arctic hare

2) Decide on the roles of the team among yourselves:
Researcher: Responsible for finding the information needed
Scribe: Neatly write down the group's findings on the Animal Investigation Sheet
Writer: Gather all information, organises it and write a suitable for the reporter to record as a podcast
Reporter: records it as a podcast

3)After choosing the animal, as a group, write thoughtful, creative, well-worded specific questions that are relevant to the assigned task.
You may use the resources given or you can look for more resources online.
Please remember to acknowledge and cite the resources.

  Resources for research:
  Now that you have learnt how animals survive in their environment, you should start thinking whether survival plays an important part in the continuity of its kind.

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