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Staying Active for Life


  Engaging in physical activity outside of P.E. class is essential in maintaining a healthy body and mind. However, many students don't know how to accomplish this. In this web quest, you will be asked to go on a journey across the World Wide Web to expand your knowledge what it takes to be active for life.
  What does it take to be active for life?
  -Step 1: In groups of 3-4, decide who will take notes and record information.

-Step 2: Read through the questions that are to be answered.

-Step 3: Using the links provided, browse through the websites and answer the questions.

-Step 4: As a group, create a poster with the key elements of your findings.

Discussion Questions:

1) What are the daily physical activity recommendations for children, adults and older adults?

2) T or F: It is okay for adults to break up physical activity into 10 minute periods as long as it is moderate to vigorous?

3) What is aerobic activity?

4) Describe the differences between moderate and vigorous activity.

5) Name 3 activities that older adults can engage in that count as muscle-strengthening?

6) If you have a disability, is it still important to stay active? What are the benefits of doing so?

Hint: Use the link below as a starting point for questions 1-6.

7) For question 7, use the following website:

Pick 4 benefits of physical activity from the bulleted list and hypothesize why those outcomes lead to improvement of overall health. Be specific and provide examples.

8) For question 8, use the following website:

As we get older and busier, it can be increasingly harder to schedule physical activity into our lives. What are some ways to be active while at home, at work or while having fun? Give 5 examples from each area.

9) Out of the examples that your group chose, write down which activity in each area (home, work and fun) that you are most likely to participate in and why.

Make sure to take thorough notes of your findings and write down thoughts and questions that you and your group members came up with while on your web quest. These thoughts and questions will be encouraged to be shared during your groups presentation.

  Day 2:

You and the members of your group are to create a poster to share your findings, opinions, and questions that you came across while completing your web quest.

You will be evaluated on creativity and evidence of expanding your knowledge on how to become active for life.
  After all the groups have presented their posters, each individual group member will write a two paragraph reflection on what they learned while doing the web quest.

This Web Quest is available at

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